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Front Page » Profile » José Oliva: Sets agenda for upcoming role as Speaker of House

José Oliva: Sets agenda for upcoming role as Speaker of House


Written by on September 26, 2017

José Oliva: Sets agenda for upcoming role as Speaker of House

When out of session for the Florida House of Representatives, José Oliva runs his family cigar company and prioritizes time with his wife and three children. “My favorite part of my life is the time I spend with them,” he says. 

Mr. Oliva is to serve as Speaker of the Florida House from 2018-2020 during his final term. When Esteban Bovo Jr. resigned from the Legislature to run for the Miami-Dade County Commission in 2011, Mr. Oliva won the special election to replace him and has represented the 110th District ever since.

“I don’t have plans to run for office beyond [my final term],” Mr. Oliva said. 

To prepare for his post as speaker, Mr. Oliva says he has been researching with his colleagues an agenda that reduces regulation and holds the government accountable. 

He says government has a natural tendency to grow, and he’s excited to “limit government intrusion” and ensure that it is serving the people. 

Mr. Oliva says having his own business has been the largest single influence on his decision-making in office. “I apply the same style in the legislature as I do in business: identify people with a strong set of principles serving for the right reasons and empower them to move in a direction we all agree on.”

Miami Today reporter Gabi Maspons interviewed Mr. Oliva.

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