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About Miami Today

Now in its 38th year, Miami Today has become Miami-Dade County’s respected and trusted source of community, business and government news and information, most of which appears nowhere else.

Miami Today in print is the largest circulated mainstream publication after the daily paper. Miami Today has its finger on the pulse of the community, reporting first and usually exclusively on high-impact topics that make a difference.

Miami Today readers digitally and in print are a well-educated, high-earning group who include the movers and shakers of Miami. We put into perspective where Miami is heading, and give readers advance information on how they can help shape events.

Miami Today’s e-paper provides all of the news from the print edition in newspaper format. Our website,, provides news highlights, breaking news and reader feedback and is read in more than 100 nations every month.

The Publisher and the newspaper Miami Today are both edited and published under the direction of Michael Lewis, a career journalist who has been honored as the top editorial writer in the nation by the National Newspaper Association among many national and state writing honors since the 1990s. He founded Miami Today in 1983, the Book of Leaders in 1997 and in 2000.

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