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Front Page » 2008 » September

Proposed Ordinance Gives Miamis Code Enforcement Department Tools To Deal With Distraught Properties

Miami's code enforcement department has crafted a new ordinance to give more authority to a department that needs it, city officials say.…

Miami Landuse Changes On Hold Through 2008

Because the state has "significant concerns" about how Miami has altered its land-use plan, all land-use changes in the city are on hold pending a state review. At least a…

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Thursday 9/25…

Florida Marlins 2003 Fiscal Projections Portray Dire Need For Stadium Huge Debt

A 2003 Florida Marlins projection shows a team $141.1 million in debt, with equity declining until it gets a new stadium.…

Miami Back To Preparing Orange Bowl Site Just Weeks After Favorable Court Ruling

Just two weeks after a court ruling gave a green light to plans for a new Marlins Stadium, Miami is wasting no time preparing the land for construction.…

Juan Del Busto Of Miami Federal Reserve Goes To Grassroots To Gain More Thorough Picture Of South Floridas Economy

With some of the nation's most established financial institutions failing, the Federal Reserve Bank has been thrust into the spotlight and its role is becoming increasingly important. In Miami, branch…

Trirail Ridership Skyrockets While Some Local Expressways See Lessdramatic Decrease In Traffic

For months, public transportation ridership has climbed by double-digit percentages locally, probably in response to high gas prices and a weak economy.…

Once On Life Support Miami River Dredging Project Nears Early Completion

The years-long Miami River dredging project, once feared "on life support" as proponents struggled to secure funding, is chugging steadily toward an early completion.…

Florida Marlins Fans Could End Up Paying High Ticket Prices In New Park Experts Say Team Must Keep Fans In Mind

In a new ballpark, Florida Marlins fans could end up paying above-average ticket prices to watch a team whose payroll sits at 65% to 73% of the industry's average, at…

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Thursday 9/25…

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