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Where Do Miamians Move To Broward

Written by on April 12, 2012

By Rachel Tannenbaum
Among the most common county-to-county moves in the US, 27,010 people migrated from Miami-Dade County to Broward County over a five-year period, according to the US Census Bureau.

It was the fifth most common move pattern in the nation. The four larger groups that moved all involved Los Angeles.

"It is particularly because of housing, the real estate crisis, unemployment and cheaper living costs," said Maria Aysa-Lastra, assistant professor of sociology at Florida International University. "There are such large differences from such nearby areas."

The US Census Bureau released estimates from the American Community Survey last month showing how many people migrated from one specific county to another during the course of a year.

The American Community Survey compiles data over a five-year period and asks people where they lived one year prior to being surveyed. The first five-year estimate released covers the years from 2005 to 2009.

The 2005-2009 survey provides tables for each county in the nation, showing both inflows and outflows. Inflows are the number of people living in a given county who lived in another specific county one year earlier; outflows represent the number of people who lived in a particular county one year earlier who subsequently moved to another specific county.

Of the 48.1 million people who lived in a different residence in the US one year earlier, 17.7 million lived in a different county.

"The latest reasons for people moving is employment, family reasons, housing and, for the first time, there is an increasing number of people moving because of foreclosure evictions," Ms. Aysa-Lastra said. "This is a figure that we have not seen before."

There is a large foreclosure problem in Florida, with a large part of outflow migration from Miami-Dade to Broward due to real estate.

"Foreclosure rates are also higher in Miami-Dade than in Broward," she said.

When people move less than 50 miles, from counties like Miami-Dade to Broward, most are moving because of housing, Ms. Aysa-Lastra said. She said there is also a high migration rate for people ages 19 to 40 who move because of their careers.

Besides residential foreclosures, unemployment numbers are also lower in Broward than Miami-Dade.

In January, Ms. Aysa-Lastra said, unemployment was 9.9% in Miami-Dade and 8.4% in Broward, which "is a very large difference."

"Unemployment has been decreasing for both counties, but not at the same pace," she said. "Unemployment numbers are decreasing in Broward a lot faster than Miami-Dade."

The other most common county-to-county moves nationally were from Los Angeles to San Bernardino, CA, with 48,456 people; and Los Angeles to Orange County, CA, with 41,612. Los Angeles to Riverside, CA, was 29,710 people; and Orange County, CA, to Los Angeles was 29,345, followed next by Miami-Dade to Broward.

"We are far better than California," Ms. Aysa-Lastra said.

During the last census in 2000, Ms. Aysa-Lastra said, the housing crisis wasn’t an issue, which is a large trend that affects the current survey.

In 2000, Ms. Aysa-Lastra said, the nation was going through an economic decline, but nothing compared to what was seen from 2007 to 2009.

"It was a hiccup," she said, "compared to what happened eight years later."To read the entire issue of Miami Today online, subscribe to e -Miami Today, an exact digital replica of the printed edition.