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Front Page » Top Stories » Cellphone Maker Considers Moving Headquarters Here

Cellphone Maker Considers Moving Headquarters Here

Written by on May 4, 2006

A cellular telephone manufacturer is considering establishing a Latin division headquarters in Miami-Dade County that would bring with it 90 jobs.

The unnamed company says it also is considering establishing headquarters in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, according to a submission for incentives given to the Miami-Dade County Commission for consideration Tuesday.

If the business were to choose Miami-Dade County, it would move into the county’s Enterprise Zone, an area targeted for job growth.

The commission routinely considers such submissions without revealing the names of applicants for aid in creating jobs under the state’s Qualified Targeted Industry grants program. Names are not routinely released until the company that is to receive aid announces that it will establish or expand operations in Miami-Dade.

The cellular company says the 90 jobs would pay an average annualized wage of $86,760 with annual employee benefit packages averaging $14,130.

The company is applying for a tax refund of $405,000, of which the county’s 20% share would amount to $81,000. The refund would be spread over a four-year period beginning in 2007.

The Beacon Council, the county’s economic development organization, brought the issue to the county and provided the figures. County Manager George Burgess recommended that the county commission approve the tax refund. Advertisement