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Where Do Miamians Move To Broward

Among the most common county-to-county moves in the US, 27,010 people migrated from Miami-Dade County to Broward County over a five-year period, according to the US Census Bureau. …

Florida International University Uses Microbrewery To Brew Jobs

Florida International University's new microbrewery, on tap to open near year's end on its North Miami Beach campus, will make the hospitality school's students better candidates for the global…

Tech Jobs Lose Ground Nationally But Rise In Miami

Changes in labor force show the share of workers in tech fields falling throughout the nation, but Miami-Dade economists say the county's tech fields continue to grow.…

2013 Bowl Championship Helped Sell 2012 Orange Bowl Seats

Orange Bowl football tickets sales by the Orange Bowl Committee for the Jan. 4 game accounted for about 71,000 tickets, according to a committee official — although participating schools…

Former Homestead Sports Complex Gets 4 Million Infusion

Almost a year into its first year of a lease, the La Ley Sports has pumped $4 million into the former Homestead Sports Complex, now La Ley Sports Complex,…

Quebec Businesses Head To Miami To Strike Deals

The Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce is bringing ten Quebec companies from all business sectors wishing to develop the Florida market or to expand during its third mission to the…

Coral Gables University Of Miami Go National To Transform Downtown

Before downtown Coral Gables can begin its long-planned streetscape project, the Business Improvement District of Coral Gables is partnering with the University of Miami to create an informational campaign…

Venezuelas Miami Landlord Threatens Suit

Just before the Venezuelan Consulate pulled out of Miami, it signed a long-term lease at 1101 Brickell, and now one of the city's veteran developers is suing the Venezuelan…

Intercontinental Hotel Buys 15 Million Kilowatt Hours Of Wind Power

While more than 1,300 Green Power Partners collectively buy nearly 21 billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually, The InterContinental Miami is the largest green power purchaser in Florida.…

Miami Talks To Help 30 French Firms Launch In Us

Tourism, airports and luxury goods are strong points in the French economy as well as South Florida's, which is one reason French businesses see Miami as a cultural and…

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