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Ad-funded scooter charging stations on way

Written by on March 23, 2021
Ad-funded scooter charging stations on way

Micro-mobility charging stations are coming to the City of Miami to help power and organize the numerous scooters now in use.

At its March meeting, the city’s Off-Street Parking Board unanimously approved a motion allowing Alejandra “Alex” Argudin, CEO of the Miami Parking Authority (MPA), to negotiate and execute a license agreement with Swiftmile Inc.

In a March 3 letter to the board, she wrote: “In an effort to mitigate the loss of revenue from parking operations and diversify our revenue portfolio, we are seeking approval to enter into a License Agreement with Swiftmile Inc. … to install micro-mobility charging stations throughout MPA facilities.”

She said Swiftmile installs and manages the charging stations in off-street parking facilities as an amenity for private and commercial scooter operations.

Each charging station includes a digital display that generates revenue from advertising from local businesses.

“The staff has conducted an exhaustive examination of the product … and determined Swiftmile technology qualifies as a proprietary and ‘Sole-source’ entity,” Ms. Argudin wrote. She said it meets the criterion established in the city code regarding sole-source procurement contracts.

The agreement is for three years with two renewable one-year options.

As consideration for the license, Swiftmile pay a base rent for each micro-mobility charging station of at least $100 or 62 cents per square foot of occupied space, whichever is greater.

Also, Swiftmile is to pay 25% of “other” gross revenues from advertising and sponsorships generated from the charging stations.

In its proposal, the company listed benefits it would deliver to the city and the MPA, including:

■Universal parking and charging. Swiftmile says its infrastructure is compatible with all major shared scooter operators and most privately-owned scooters.

■Reduce sidewalk clutter. By providing user-friendly parking infrastructure, Swiftmile says it can keep sidewalks clear of dangerous clutter.

■Decarbonize E-scooter program operations. By keeping scooters charged, the company says, operators can reduce dispatch of large vans to collect them.

■Solar power. Stations can be powered by the sun where feasible – they can receive solar power input or connect to the grid.

■Long-term infrastructure solution. Mobility hubs can remain even as shared scooter operators change over time, the company says.

The company proposed seven locations for charging stations, including the brand-new Regatta Harbour Parking Garage at 3351 Pan American Dr. in Coconut Grove.

The other proposed locations are MPA lots at 1320 NW 12th St., 1355 NW 12th St., 100 SW Second Ave., under I-195 Northeast First Court – Northeast Second Avenue between Northeast 36th and 38th streets, 56 SW First St., and 2600 S Bayshore Dr.