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Front Page » Top Stories » Terminal Island residential tower in Coast Guard quandary

Terminal Island residential tower in Coast Guard quandary

Written by on October 15, 2019
Terminal Island residential tower in Coast Guard quandary

A proposed project on Terminal Island in Miami Beach remains in limbo as the developer has yet to find a way to quash the concerns of the Coast Guard.

Related Group has proposed a 90-unit residential tower on Terminal Island, located across from Star Island on the MacArthur Causeway. The proposed project would share the area with the Fisher Island Ferry, the Florida Power & Light substation, the Miami Beach Fleet Management facility, and accessible from a connecting bridge, the Coast Guard’s base, housing about 200 personnel.

The proposed project, called One Island Park, would bring a tower taller than 400 feet on 3.71 acres, with homes starting at $5 million. Related had also proffered updating the city’s over 50-year-old fleet management facility if the tower were approved.

While there have been ongoing talks, the deadlock has yet to be solved, according to a statement from Capt. Harry Mautte emailed to Miami Today.

“The Coast Guard did meet with Related Group and the City of Miami Beach representatives on August 26th. The purpose of the meeting was for Related Group to better understand our concerns and [possibly] find a way to mitigate the issues. Unfortunately, we were unable to find an acceptable solution to mitigate the Coast Guard’s concerns,” the statement states.

In response to further questions, it was stated that the Related Group was unable to provide a revised proposal that would alleviate the concerns that had previously been brought up by the Coast Guard. One of those concerns was who exactly will be living in the location.

Another concern that was previously raised by Capt. Mautte was that a portion of the base that is facing the proposed location of the building is where the Coast Guard conducts its most sensitive operations, including narcotics offloads and transferring detainees, migrants and people seeking asylum.

A statement from Jon Paul Pérez, vice president of Related Group, said talks are still ongoing with the Coast Guard.

“Related Group continues to have productive conversations with the Coast Guard. We continue to advance plans for One Island Park, while also looking at all options that are viable within the current zoning, including office,” according to the statement from Mr. Pérez.

Mr. Pérez had previously said that the views of the building would be shifted so none of the windows would face the Coast Guard facility.

Proposed as an alternative to the residential tower is an office building, which the Coast Guard conceded was allowed under the current zoning.

“The Coast Guard would prefer to not have any elevated structure built on the land,” the Coast Guard response reads. “However the land is zoned for light industrial which is consistent with a commercial building.”

The alternative option would offer four floors of office space totaling 150,000 square feet rising 40 feet. Related warned that an office building could case more traffic than a residential tower and worsen commuter conditions on the MacArthur Causeway.

One Response to Terminal Island residential tower in Coast Guard quandary

  1. Mark-Anthony Barnes

    October 16, 2019 at 11:49 am

    If only there were a city, in much need of updated city administrative facilities and meeting space, that would likely need only approximately 8-10+ storys tall (2-4+ of them being dedicated parking) and could be designed to look like something the city desires itself to be perceived, maybe they could take this land they already own and do some kind of swap for the terminal land And then lease their present facility’s land and allow on it to be built a tower with only 90 residences that is much closer to the beaches and residents than they’d be on terminal island. Maybe this would satisfy everyone?

    But where would one find such a city?