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New cities here are inevitable, so prepare for them now

Miami-Dade lawmakers were on target two weeks ago when they aimed a study at the impact of new cities, but they woefully undershot the bull’s-eye. Instead of the planned study of how added cities could impact police…

After Midair Bailout Power Group Revs Up For New Takeoff

Leaders of a bid to get a countywide aviation authority who clipped their own wings midflight vow they'll try again to reform airport governance. And this time, they say, they'll…

Quiz What Do Slot Machines And Schools Have In Common

Floridians on Nov. 2 will vote whether to amend their state constitution to benefit seven gambling-site owners in Miami-Dade and Broward counties who are aided and abetted by two teachers'…

Burdines Books Oneway Ticket Into Citys History On Eastern

Another massive chunk of Miami history is about to fall off the map with the loss of the Burdines name on what once was Miami's emblematic department store.…