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Front Page » Top Stories » Miami Builds More Marlins Stadium Parking

Miami Builds More Marlins Stadium Parking

Written by on October 25, 2012

By Meisha Perrin
There is still work to be done at Marlins Park, where a sixth parking lot that was originally planned as part of the approximately $120 million parking project cost to the City of Miami was being used in its first season by construction trailers.

Now, the Marlins and the city are looking to finally complete 165 spaces on two of the stadium’s eastern surface lots.

The project is set to begin Nov. 1, according to Assistant City Manager Alice Bravo, and is to take about eight weeks to be completed.

Currently, there are a total of six parking lots, including the unfinished lot, and four parking garages for a total of 5,632 parking spaces at the site, according to Henry Torre, city director of public facilities.

The Miami Parking Authority operates, manages and controls the parking at the stadium for which the Marlins pays just more than $10 per space for some 5,382 spots for the first 15 years, gradually increasing to about $12.53 each by year 31. The team is allowed to charge patrons whatever price it chooses for spaces and can retain the price differential.

Revenue collected from the parking spots is supposed to pay down the construction debt for the stadium parking, which is somewhere around $200 million. Projections show the city expects to collect almost $4.5 million in parking revenues annually for the first five years, and just a bit more the next five years.

Because it is a part of the original parking set-up, Ms. Bravo said, the sixth lot will not cost additional money to build. To read the entire issue of Miami Today online, subscribe to e -Miami Today, an exact digital replica of the printed edition.