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Front Page » Profile » Us Attorney Willy Ferrer Targets Money Laundering Fraud Public Corruption As He Tries To Make South Florida Safer

Us Attorney Willy Ferrer Targets Money Laundering Fraud Public Corruption As He Tries To Make South Florida Safer


Written by on September 2, 2010

Born and raised in Miami, Willy Ferrer, new US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, knew early he wanted to serve South Florida.

Appointed by President Barack Obama to the post in April, Mr. Ferrer is focused on combating fraud and public corruption and building safer communities.

After a fellowship in Washington and several legal positions at the local and federal level, he’s got the tools to take on the job of chief federal law enforcement officer for the Southern region, which ranks high in mortgage and healthcare fraud.

Among Mr. Ferrer’s priorities is partnering more with local, state and federal agencies to conduct investigations and handle cases and get Washington to allocate more resources to the district.

He says his office, which prosecuted a third of all Medicare fraud cases in the nation last year, is working with strike forces to dismantle these fraud rings, which cost the healthcare system billions each year.

Money laundering is another concern for the office, especially with all the foreign investment flowing into South Florida. The office is working more closely with financial institutions to prevent criminals from laundering their proceeds here, Mr. Ferrer said.

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