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Front Page » Profile » With 12 Sites And Visions Of Creating The Starbucks Of Sushi Abe Ng Runs Homegrown Familyowned Sushi Maki

With 12 Sites And Visions Of Creating The Starbucks Of Sushi Abe Ng Runs Homegrown Familyowned Sushi Maki


Written by on June 10, 2010

One roll at a time, Restaurateur Abe Ng is building a sushi empire as he expands his Sushi Maki brand through South Florida.

With plans for future locations and more exclusive sushi provider contracts, the company is raising the bar for homegrown businesses with 12 locations in Miami-Dade.

Mr. Ng also heads the family’s first restaurant business, Canton Chinese, which still has five locations. But he says the "growth vehicle" for the family-run restaurant business, which employs 250, is Sushi Maki.

Plans are to open locations in areas such as Doral, Midtown Miami and Aventura in the near future, he said, and eventually take the brand to other parts of South Florida.

"I think somebody is going to take sushi to the next level," Mr. Ng said. "To do what Starbucks did for coffee, Panera did for bakery, what IKEA did for furniture, somebody’s going to do it for sushi, and we just think why not us?"

Mr. Ng discussed Sushi Maki’s journey and future plans with Miami Today reporter Yudislaidy Fernandez at its restaurant in Coral Gables.

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