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Front Page » Profile » Musician And Fundraiser Parsons Drumming Up Support To Position Baptist Health South Florida For The Future

Musician And Fundraiser Parsons Drumming Up Support To Position Baptist Health South Florida For The Future


Written by on April 22, 2010

When it comes to the Baptist Health South Florida Foundation, some wonder why the famously successful Baptist needs charitable support, CEO Stephen Parsons says. He’s out to dispel that perception and grow the philanthropy side of the heath system’s budget to help make Baptist a "world-class health care organization."

Baptist couldn’t run the way it does and continue to expand the way it is without philanthropy, Mr. Parsons says. Key is stewardship — ensuring donors’ contributions are used wisely and go far.

He aims to explore the international arena and delve further into estate planning to help increase donations in a time when wallets are tight and healthcare reform makes the future uncertain.

Now is the time to prepare, Mr. Parsons says. "Philanthropy over time is going to play a bigger role in the work of Baptist Health and of hospitals not only locally and regionally but across the country."

The longtime musician talked philanthropy and the philharmonic with Miami Today staff writer Risa Polansky.

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