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Front Page » Profile » Entertainment Architect Joe Farcus Creates New Worlds As The Designer Behind Carnival Cruise Lines Fleet

Entertainment Architect Joe Farcus Creates New Worlds As The Designer Behind Carnival Cruise Lines Fleet


Written by on March 25, 2010

Ever walked onto a cruise ship and felt that you stepped into a different world? That world might have been created by Joe Farcus, the architect who designs Carnival’s fleet.

Mr. Farcus has dedicated his three-decade career to designing cruise ships, leading the way for others in this ever-changing industry.

"In a way, we were forced to really write the book, and we did," he says.

Global cruise company Carnival Corp. owns in North America Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Seabourn Cruise Line, Costa Cruises in Italy, and other cruise ship brands in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia.

Responsible for designing about 40 of those ships over his career, Mr. Farcus says he keeps challenging himself to bring a new level of innovation and sophistication to every ship.

What motivates him, he says, is seeing passengers’ reactions when they step on board.

"I want…to give people that are on board more than they bargained for, to give them ideas and concepts that they didn’t imagine that they would experience…"

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