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Front Page » Profile » Michael Zimmer Quarterbacks Super Bowl Committee As Miami Warms Up To Host Recordbreaking Tenth Game

Michael Zimmer Quarterbacks Super Bowl Committee As Miami Warms Up To Host Recordbreaking Tenth Game


Written by on November 12, 2009

Miami native Michael Zimmer grew up a dedicated Miami Dolphins fan. So when the chance to lead the Super Bowl Host Committee arose, it was an easy decision. "It was just a tremendous opportunity and I couldn’t pass it up. It was just so right up my alley," he said.

A career journalist — he spent nearly 30 years working at NBC 6 WTVJ before retiring in October 2008 — with experience covering the drug wars in Colombia, the Olympic Games in Sydney and several World Series and Super Bowls, the chance to be on the other side was unique.

"Typically when I would go to an event as a journalist I would just go to the event. But I really wasn’t aware of the amount of preparation that went into hosting a game," he said.

Set to be held a week apart Jan.31 and Feb. 7, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl are expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in South Florida. Mr. Zimmer notes that an important and often overlooked part of the picture is the additional spending within the community.

"Whether it’s somebody flying in and getting a rental car, going to CVS and picking up some items, whether they’re going to a restaurant or they’re going to the attractions, people come to South Florida and experience all of that."

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