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Front Page » Profile » Andrew L Carricartes Ios Health Systems Leading The Way In Converting Regions Medical

Andrew L Carricartes Ios Health Systems Leading The Way In Converting Regions Medical

Written by on June 4, 2009

With a federal economic stimulus package offering physicians incentives to switch from paper to electronic medical records, the e-health records industry is exploding. But Andrew Carricarte started early. He founded IOS Health Systems two years ago, aiming to "revolutionize how doctors are experiencing technology," he says. He envisioned an affordable, user-friendly system coupled with attentive service. And he made it happen — without a technology background.

The success of the company, now the largest electronic medical record system provider in South Florida, is rooted in its experienced and inventive team, Mr. Carricarte says. He brought the leadership and a vision, and from there opened the door to veteran experts and young innovators to help put the pieces together.

His 15 months of combat deployment as an Army infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan helped shape the leadership and team-building skills, Mr. Carricarte says — as well as a cool head under stress.

"When I come to this environment, nobody is shooting at me," he says. "I can deal with the pressure, and I know how to lead, and most importantly, how to build a team."

That team has helped develop the company. In the first quarter alone, IOS grew 250% and now provides service to 358 doctors. IOS is prepared for the onslaught of physicians looking to jump on the stimulus train, he said, and is ready to adapt as technology evolves.

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