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Front Page » Top Stories » Miami Parking Authority To Continue Enforcement Services At Some County Transit Stations For Another Year

Miami Parking Authority To Continue Enforcement Services At Some County Transit Stations For Another Year

Written by on October 9, 2008

By Risa Polansky
To continue building its relationship with Miami-Dade, the Miami Parking Authority is to provide enforcement services at some county transit stations for another year.

The authority agreed last November to take over parking enforcement duties for a year, after which the county expected to solicit proposals for broader enforcement services.

Instead, as the county prepares a request for proposals for a longer-term provider, the Miami agency is to continue for another 12 months, said Arthur Noriega, chief executive officer, parking authority.

It’s not a lucrative financial deal — the $310,743 agreement brings in a net $60,000 for the authority, officials said last year.

The enforcement agreement saves the county about $500,000. The authority is able to provide less expensive service because it already dispatches officers near some transit stations.

The new contract — approved by the authority board last week — is for the same terms, Mr. Noriega said.

But it’s not about the money.

"It’s worth it. The financial parameters of it aren’t problematic at all," he said. "It gives us an opportunity to continue to develop our relationship with the county."

He said the same last year, calling the gig a "resume builder" and telling board members it would familiarize the county with the authority’s abilities and potentially open doors to opportunities at the air and seaports.

The past year has been a success, Mr. Noriega said: "I’m pretty proud of the fact that it’s gone well both from an enforcement side on their end and a cost standpoint on their end."

And though the county last month approved a new five-year contract with its current airport parking provider, Airport Parking Associates, he said he still sees prospects for the future.

"There are still plenty of other opportunities for us at the county. We just have to develop that relationship."

The authority may go after the broader parking enforcement job with the county depending on the terms of the planned request for proposals, he said.

"If it’s set up the way it is now, then we probably will pursue it."

However, Mr. Noriega warned board members last year that the job could end up going to national parking operators with major investors.

Still, now "we’re kind of leaving our options open."

The year-long enforcement deal still awaits county commission approval. Advertisement