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Front Page » Top Stories » Plans Are On Track For Major Private Development Of Four Sites At Miami International Airport

Plans Are On Track For Major Private Development Of Four Sites At Miami International Airport

Written by on July 3, 2008

By Catherine Lackner
Plans are on track for major private development of four sites at Miami International Airport that could bring the county a half billion dollars, said Greg Owens, division director for real estate management in Miami-Dade’s Aviation Department.

Four parcels are involved. The largest, 30 acres next to the Dolphin long-term garage, could become a conference center.

There’s also nearly 3 acres for a 200-room hotel; the site of some airport offices and the existing hotel, which is to be renovated; and a service plaza of about 8 acres near LeJeune Road and Central Boulevard, planned for a gasoline station, dry cleaner and pet hotel.

Department representatives are to go before the county commission’s Airport & Tourism Committee July 10 to seek approval on the plan’s next step.

"We are hoping to issue an invitation to negotiate an expression of interest," Mr. Owens said. "This gives us more flexibility to negotiate with multiple parties. It’s an international form of procurement; the requirements are not as strict as they would be in a request for proposals."

A developer must show it has completed a $300 million project and can get funding, he said.

After reviewing the profiles, "We then determine which companies we’d like to invite to phase two, which is to submit proposals," Mr. Owens said.

"We know what the industry is telling us that parcel could support, but we’re not telling the industry what to build there," Mr. Owens said of the 30-acre site. "We want them to propose what will generate the most revenue for them and for the department as well.

"The conference center was suggested, and that’s what the industry has told us will work there. If the conference center were located on the grounds of the airport, that would be more advantageous because we could have fly-in conferences. But, again, we want the industry to propose what would work best there." Advertisement