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Front Page » Top Stories » Radio Station Too Costly To Buy County Staffer Says

Radio Station Too Costly To Buy County Staffer Says

Written by on March 15, 2007

By Dan Dolan
Miami-Dade County shouldn’t buy a radio station to complement its existing television operation, government staffers said this week after reviewing the issue at the request of county commissioners who want to broadcast their public meetings.

Although a full report is being drafted, county communications director Paula Musto said Monday that her staff has determined that purchasing an existing radio station would be too costly.

"It would be very expensive, and there just aren’t any radio stations to buy," Ms. Musto said. "We’re looking at other options, including leasing time on English-language stations."

But even a lease arrangement presents problems, Ms. Musto said. Commission meetings don’t fit into a cookie-cutter time slot, which could create scheduling conflicts for a privately owned broadcasting operation, she said. Meetings often don’t start on time and run long.

"We understand why the commissioners want to use radio to reach the public," Ms. Musto said. "It is the media channel of choice for many Miami-Dade residents. We’re still looking at ways to make this work."

Assistant communications director Cynthia Jones is directing the study. She expects to present her findings to a commission committee March 23 and to the entire panel April 12. Advertisement