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Barreiro To Be County Commission Chairman Staffers Say

Written by on November 16, 2006

By Dan Dolan
District 5 Commissioner Bruno A. Barreiro is expected to become the new chairman of the Miami-Dade County Commission this month, six legislative staffers say.

Although commissioners have reached no official agreement due to laws requiring all discussions on the matter to be made in public, county government insiders say Mr. Barreiro will win a two-year term as chairman when the commission reorganizes Nov. 28.

At the same time, the government officials say, District 2 Commissioner Audrey Edmondson is expected to be elected vice chairman.

"The fix is in," said District 8 Commissioner Katy Sorenson, who refused further comment and declined to discuss the chances of any candidate.

But a recent move by District 7 Commissioner Carlos A. Gimenez, who says he’s not interested in the chairman’s job, could derail the entire process. Mr. Gimenez is pushing for the commission to hold a special meeting Nov. 21 to adopt a plan to change the way the chairman is selected and to institute a new method for determining committee assignments.

Mr. Gimenez said his proposal, which includes creating a dozen standing committees, would result in tighter fiscal controls and more oversight of county departmental operations. He also said the proposal would equalize the balance of power on the county’s governing board. Advertisement