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Front Page » Top Stories » Omni Agency To Pay For 554255 In Streetscape Cost Overruns

Omni Agency To Pay For 554255 In Streetscape Cost Overruns

Written by on November 2, 2006

By Deserae del Campo
The Omni Redevelopment Agency will pay out $554,255 in tax increment funds to cover overruns in the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts Super Block streetscape project.

During a Community Redevelopment Agency meeting Monday night, Miami city commissioners approved the resolution on a 3-0 vote. The project’s original price was $4.5 million.

"This is a commitment the Community Redevelopment Agency made and the kind of thing the agency should be doing," said Commissioner Joe Sanchez.

Commissioner Tomás Regalado disagreed. "The Community Redevelopment Agency made a commitment for a certain amount of money to complete this project," he said. "Somebody has to send the message that the Community Redevelopment Agency is not a piggybank."

It was the second time the Super Block resolution was brought before commissioners. They deferred the item in September over questions about the overrun.

"I support this only because there are three members here tonight," Commissioner Regalado said.

The Super Block around the art center showcases new shell pavers on the sidewalks, light fixtures, pedestrian lights, modern streetlights and 10 way-finding lights.

Construction on the Super Block began in March.

The Super Block is bordered by Northeast Second Avenue to the west, 15th Street to the north, Bayshore Drive to the east and 13th Street to the south. ANP Consultants designed the project.

All the maintenance and upgrading of the sidewalks, landscaping and street fixtures in the Super Block will be handled and maintained by the Omni Redevelopment Agency.