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Front Page » Top Stories » Developer Returns Overtown Land To City

Developer Returns Overtown Land To City

Written by on May 18, 2006

By Deserae del Campo
A developer who made a deal with the City of Miami to build affordable homes in Overtown is returning the land to the city’s department of community development "due to lack of financing and feasibility," according to city records.

During a meeting last week, Barbara Gomez Rodriguez, city director of community development, asked the city commission to approve termination of a contract with Rockwood Properties LLC after the developer was contracted to build 40 affordable-housing units at 721 and 731 NW Fifth Ave.

"We should no longer be thinking of just 40 units for the area," said Commissioner Johnny Winton. "That neighborhood is in dramatic need of affordable housing."

The project needs to be reconsidered, said Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones. "For 10 years, there has been nothing but construction shells sitting on those lots."

Ms. Gomez Rodriguez said the project and the land should be redesigned for a developer who would build affordable-housing units.

Commissioners unanimously rescinded a resolution that passed rights to the land to Rockwood in July and terminated a November purchase and sale agreement with the company. Advertisement