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Meek Foundation To Counsel Homeowners


Written by on March 16, 2006

By Deserae del Campo
Homeowner counseling in Overtown, Little Haiti and Liberty City is on the horizon after Miami’s Department of Community Development granted the Carrie P. Meek Foundation $100,000 to run workshops.

City commissioners unanimously approved the resolution last week.

"I’ll be meeting with Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones this Friday to discuss the details," said Koteles Alexander, CEO of the foundation, 460 NE Second Ave. "The commissioner wants the program to focus on people living in Liberty City, Overtown and Little Haiti."

The aim is to get people ready with proper credit to meet the responsibilities of homeownership, Mr. Alexander said.

Former US Rep. Carrie P. Meek in November 2001 set up the foundation, which assists communities in educational, cultural and economic development.

"The $100,000 is really not a lot of money for this type of project," said Mr. Alexander. "You have to put on workshops, provide workbooks and, most importantly, you have to follow up and make sure the people are following the directions that you’ve laid out for them.

"The larger issue here is making housing affordable in the city," including people like policemen, firemen and teachers who have trouble finding affordable housing, he said. Details: (305) 579-5220. Advertisement