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Front Page » Top Stories » Faa Rejects Mixeduse Project At Mahi Shrine Sitesupplier Through Miami Port

Faa Rejects Mixeduse Project At Mahi Shrine Sitesupplier Through Miami Port

Written by on January 12, 2006

By Deserae del Campo
Mahi Shrine Auditorium remains standing after a Federal Aviation Administration study lowered the boom instead on the developer of mixed-use Miami Rivertown that was to close on the property in November.

The $300 million Miami Rivertown was to rise at site of the Mahi Shrine, 1480 NW North River Dr., with 985 housing units, 98,129 square feet of offices and 51,045 square feet of retail in three 368-foot towers – too tall, according to aviation administrators.

The airspace study on the project, said FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen, showed that the buildings would hinder planes using Runway 27 at Miami International Airport.

Ms. Bergen said the FAA "issued a no-hazard determination" at 264 feet, the highest a building could be at the site without hindering flights on the runway used by half of the airport’s departing flights.

Officials of developer Mahi Shrine Holding Corp. were unavailable, but Mahi spokesman Richard Lynn said he received a letter from them saying they are redesigning the project.

"This study is not conducted to find whether a building can be built or not but whether it is a hazard to aircraft," Ms. Bergen said. "This study is valid for 18 months. If construction does not begin within 18 months, we revisit the site."

"Runway 27 is the southernmost runway at Miami International Airport, most visible from State Road 836," said Greg Chin, media-relations coordinator for the FAA. "Runway 27 is also the longest runway running east to west and is 13,000 feet long."

Airspace is governed by county ordinance and federal regulation, Mr. Chin said. The developer was required to submit plans to the Federal Aviation Administration because of its proximity to the runway.