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Front Page » Top Stories » Mexican University To Offer Entrance Exams In Spanish Graduate Degrees From Coral Gables

Mexican University To Offer Entrance Exams In Spanish Graduate Degrees From Coral Gables

Written by on August 29, 2002

By Paola Iuspa
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Mexico’s largest private university is two weeks away from offering master’s degree programs and continuing education courses from a Coral Gables office.

The half-century-old Monterrey Institute of Technology & Higher Education on Sept. 16 will begin online and satellite master’s programs in Spanish. Those seeking a graduate degree in business administration, information technology management, e-commerce, productivity and quality, marketing and human studies will be able to register, take the Graduate Record Exam, or GRE and GMATs, and final exams in Spanish, said Lupita Hernandez, director.

"The reason for us to be in Miami is to offer master’s and continuing education programs in Spanish online and via satellite," she said.

Programs cover sales, languages, education, health, computer and customer service to corporate employees and government agencies from Spanish-speaking nations.

The university has similar offices in Washington, DC; Boston, and Houston, Ms. Hernandez said.

The US Southern Association of Colleges & Schools accredited the Monterrey Institute in 1950, said Rita Bell, association executive director, meaning the school’s programs meet set standards. In 1998, a 10-year renewal was granted.

Including distance-learning classes, in Mexico the institute offers 34 degree majors, 42 master’s programs and nine doctoral degrees in the areas of engineering, humanities, information technology, management and medical technology. The school has 31 campuses in the country, said Luz Elena Baños, Mexican consul in Miami and director of communities.

"This is the largest private university in Mexico and one of the most prestigious," said Ms. Baños, a former member of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ education division. "This is the only school in Mexico with a presence in Florida."

In January, the school plans to open a lab for students taking certification programs via satellite at 1550 Madruga Ave., Ms. Hernandez said. She said the local office already provides adult education for Homestead migrant workers.

Ms. Hernandez said her goal is to also align with local universities to offer new masters programs and she is negotiating with the Florida International University School of Journalism.

"We are trying to work out an arrangement with them," said John Virtue, deputy director of FIU’s International Media Center. "They have the Internet infrastructure, and we have the content. We already offer a masters in journalism in Spanish, the only one in the US that we know of."

FIU’s College of Business is also eager to strike a deal.

Miguel Rey with the school’s business administration college, said the two institutions are working on a cooperative teaching deal.

"We are going to go there to teach and they will come here," he said, "the Monterrey Institute of Technology is one of the best-known universities in Latin America and by far the biggest. It is very international and its school of business is No. 1 in the Spanish-speaking countries."Details 305 667 4464 or