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Nine Telecom Firms Join Nap Group

Written by on August 24, 2000

By Candice Ventra
Nine more telecommunications companies, including Adelphis Business Solutions, announced this week plans to participate in the Network Access Point — an information relay station that will be based in Miami to serve the Internet and telecommunications industry.

The additional firms bring to 51 the number that have agreed to participate in the still-developing network, commonly referred to as NAP, that plans to be working as a hub by summer 2001.

"There is a law in telecommunications that says the more members signed on to the network the higher the value," said Benjamin Finzi, executive vice president of Epik Communications, an organizing company. "We welcome anybody that wants to connect. We just want to make sure that Miami is seen as the gateway to Latin America through this effort."

Other new telecom companies that have signed on in the past week are Enron Broadband Services, BTI, Luminus Communications, Corporate Satellite Communications, Business Net Telecom Inc., Telpan Communications, FonMed and Caribbean Latin America Action, Mr. Finzi said.

Earlier this month Internet Coast Alliance, a group of high-tech and telecom companies and economic development organizations for the tri-county area, announced the NAP will be located next to the Miami Arena.

T-Rex, a subsidiary of developer Terremark Worldwide, will build the Technology Center of the Americas, which will house the NAP and other telecom companies. Telecordia, a subsidiary of San Diego SAIC telecom company will operate the NAP facility.

Telecommunications companies that had previously signed on to participate in the NAP include Global Crossing, Metromedia Fiber Network and Epik Communications — which also helped to organize the formation of the NAP, Mr. Finzi said.