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Front Page » Breaking News » Omni area helps fund local policing

Omni area helps fund local policing


Written by on March 4, 2017

Miami city commissioners have accepted a $500,000 grant from the Omni Redevelopment District Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to underwrite costs associated with enhanced police services within the Omni Redevelopment Area. The CRA has the power to develop and implement community policing innovations with the objective of remedying slum and blighted areas. The Miami Police Department presented the CRA with an

operational plan for the “Omni CRA Detail,” a service-oriented police unit, in a problem-solving team capacity, to support the continued working partnerships with the CRA, the Neighborhood Enhancement Teams, residents, business owners and the homeless outreach programs. The money will pay for five supplemental sworn officers assigned exclusively to the redevelopment area, to address issues relating to quality of life. The enhanced police services supplement general patrol.