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Netherlands Consulate Sells Dutch Expertise In Water Pumps Flowers Bicycling

Miami's Dutch consulate is focused on matching small and mid-sized Netherlands-based companies with import demands in South Florida and also aims to attract American businesses to the Netherlands.…

After Massive Banking Job Drops Some Segments On The Rise

The banking industry in South Florida is seeing job demand grow in some areas but drop in others as a result of services demand and a slow-moving economy. …

South Florida College Applications Enrollments Soaring

The number of applicants and total enrollment continues to rise at South Florida colleges despite escalating tuition costs. …

Navarro Largest Hispanic Drugstore Prescribes New Leader In Ceos Chair

Less than two years after he became chief executive officer at Navarro Discount Pharmacy, the largest Hispanic-owned pharmacy chain in the US, Steve Kaczynski resigned and is being replaced by…

Florida International Universitys Renewable Energy Test With Southcom Gets A Grade

A mobile, renewable-energy medical center successfully tested in the Dominican Republic as part of a partnership between the military's Southern Command and Florida International University indicates that a mix of…

South Florida Pro Sports Teams Look For Merchandise Sales Slot At Miami International Airport

South Florida sports teams are trying to open a merchandise store at Miami International Airport, an effort they've been pursuing for years.…

Miami International Airports Diplomats Haven Might Sell Memberships To Hospitals Chambers

Miami International Airport's diplomatic lounge, a hideaway for foreign dignitaries traveling through the airport, is exploring offering memberships to area hospitals servicing international patients and to bilateral chambers of commerce.…