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Front Page » Healthcare » United Way Miami study shows impact of covid on the poor

United Way Miami study shows impact of covid on the poor

Written by on September 21, 2021
United Way Miami study shows impact of covid on the poor

A newly released Covid-19 Impact Survey by United Way Miami identifies points of pain for households in poverty and those on the precipice of poverty.

More than 65% of respondents rely on income from hourly jobs, most without guaranteed hours.

Before the pandemic hit, about 485,000, or 54%, of Miami-Dade households were already struggling to get by. In the survey, about 3,120 asset-limited, income-constrained households with employed workers and 1,735 households that earn above that threshold shared what life has been like during the pandemic, the report says. 

Basic needs were not met, with more than 83% having issues related to basic needs such as childcare, education and housing expenses. Support was needed to cover gaps, with almost 40% receiving food from a food bank or pantry while 38% needed to borrow from friends or family to cover basic needs.  

An estimated 30% of households went without needed medical care.

“We are dedicated to leveraging all our assets, including strategic investments, direct services, awareness building, and public policy, to create a more equitable community in Miami,” said Robert E. Sanchez, United Way Miami board chair and Ryder System chairman and CEO. “We welcome the participation and support of the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations and individual volunteers in bringing this vision to life.”

After 97 years serving Miami-Dade, United Way of Miami-Dade also announced its name change to United Way Miami. The change aims to signal future growth, alleviate misperceptions, connect with the geographical center of the county and align with Miami’s international reputation for possibility, aspiration and resilience, according to United Way officials. 

“With this name change, we are doubling down on our commitment to improve the quality of life for those in need in Miami-Dade County,” said Maria C. Alonso, United Way Miami’s president and CEO. “By bringing together people, resources, nonprofit and corporate partners that support our efforts, we will achieve a community where all people have access to quality education and the opportunity to lead healthy and financially secure lives. This is the foundation for a thriving Miami.”

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