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Front Page » Top Stories » One of the largest Wynwood projects to bring 523 residences

One of the largest Wynwood projects to bring 523 residences

Written by on July 20, 2021
One of the largest Wynwood projects to bring 523 residences

One of the largest mixed-use residential and office projects ever proposed for the Wynwood Arts District will bring 12- and 8-story buildings with 523 residences to the neighborhood and more than 950,000 square feet of floor uses.

L&L Carpe Wynwood Holdings LLC is the owner-developer of the project called 29N Wynwood, to rise at 95 NW 29th St.

The project was reviewed by the Wynwood Design Review Committee and approved with conditions on a vote of 4-to-1.

The property is north of Northwest 29th Street, east of Northwest First Avenue and south of Northwest 30th Street.

The 2.9-acre property spans two transect zones: Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD-1) T6-8-0 to the south and NRD-2 T5 on the north.

The project will include rental apartments, office space, ground floor retail and micro retail. Parking will be concealed in a structure behind the residential units.

The project will embrace the open space by providing about 22,000 square feet for a ground floor public plaza connected by paseo to the north, south and west.

There will also be about 30,000 square feet of programmable rooftops.

The overall floor uses will total 964,693 square feet. Open space will be about 22,316 square feet, where the zoning code requires 12,529.

The project will have a 12-story building in the NRD-1 area and 8-story in the NRD-2 zone.

Besides the 523 residential units, the project plans 200,618 square feet of offices, 26,372 square feet of commercial-retail uses, parking for about 668 vehicles, and 954 parking spaces for bicycles.

The highest portion will be about 193 feet.

Members of the project’s architectural team, Fortis Design + Build, explained details about the overall project July 12 and the elaborate and landscaped paseo.

“Almost 25,000 feet of public realm will become a major pedestrian link in that neighborhood,” said one of the developer’s representatives. “For us the public realm captures both spectacle and nature. It’s a place where ecology and art come together. Neighbors and visitors will co-mingle,” he said.

Committee Chair Victor Sanchez noted this is the biggest project submitted to date in Wynwood.

He said, “It’s tricky when you have to design a site so big, especially with triple frontages and a residential district to the north.

“When I looked at renderings over weekend, I thought ‘it’s big,’ then when I look at the details, and after the presentation, then the massing of the project starts to make a lot more sense.

“I like the fact you guys broke up the massing and it’s not just a block. There is a transition, both vertically and there are ins and outs. There’s a genuine gap between the office building and residential component,” said Mr. Sanchez.

He did say the design was lacking on the southwest corner where more articulation “could have made a stronger element, more impact there.”

Mr. Sanchez added, “It’s a nice project. The proposed landscape and configuration of the paseo really softens the blow of the size of the project.”

Some members of the committee praised aspects of the paseo and its promise of connectivity through the property and into surrounding areas of the evolving Wynwood Arts District.

Members voiced different views of how the garage levels ought to be designed and screened.

The plan includes some apartments as residential linear units in front of the garage levels but in the mezzanine level, typically part of the ground floor and not a separate floor from the ground level.

One member reminded the committee the mezzanine levels were to be allowed in order to encourage taller ground floors for retail and commercial uses.

The committee’s motion to approve the project includes four conditions: the applicant must engage an art consultant for all art installations; the zoning administrator is to address the setback issue on the Northwest First Avenue side, pertaining to the T6-8-0 requirements on the office building; applicant must address or seek clarification on the interpretation or definition of mezzanine as it relates to residential units (whether they are allowed); and the applicant must improve articulation of the façade at ground floor level for the pedestrian experience.

One Response to One of the largest Wynwood projects to bring 523 residences

  1. David Limberg Reply

    July 25, 2021 at 10:20 am

    523 residences. Much of the site used to be single family homes. Traffic? Did anyone ask about increased traffic from 750 new residents and many new stores and offices?

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