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Front Page » Transportation » Heralded Underdeck park beneath I-395 still lacks plans and costs

Heralded Underdeck park beneath I-395 still lacks plans and costs

Written by on December 8, 2020
Heralded Underdeck park beneath I-395 still lacks plans and costs

The Underdeck, a 33-acre downtown Miami illuminated park underneath a redesigned I-395, is well underway and should be completed by fall 2024, the Florida Department of Transportation says. But firm plans for the community spaces there are still six months off and costs are unknown. 

“The City of Miami, in partnership with FDOT and other stakeholders, continues to work on the design of the community spaces that will be constructed under the new I-395 bridges,” said Tish Burgher, Department of Transportation communications manager. The higher elevation of the new bridges and reduction of columns from 800 to 200 will allow for the construction of amenities below for residents and visitors. 

The area under I-395 will include a pedestrian pathway from Northwest Third Avenue to Biscayne Boulevard, including a pedestrian bridge over the Florida East Coast Railway.  

“The community spaces design is ongoing,” Ms. Burgher said, “and a concept plan is expected in mid-2021.”

As for current milestones in the project, Hans Maichel, a real estate manager at the city’s real estate and asset management department, said, “Substantial progress is being made. FDOT recently secured $22 million for the construction of The Underdeck and pedestrian bridge, as well as the removal of the earthen berms currently surrounding I-395.” 

Costs for The Underdeck are pending, Mr. Maichel said. “FDOT is waiting to receive additional information from the contractor regarding line item quantities and unit prices to estimate construction costs.” 

Once this information is received, he said, the city and FDOT can create a consensus plan detailing the next steps related to building The Underdeck.  

“It’s very important to us that we stay true to the city’s proposed design,” Mr. Maichel said, “and that we build upon the city’s community engagement.”

One Response to Heralded Underdeck park beneath I-395 still lacks plans and costs

  1. Susan Weitz

    December 30, 2020 at 1:41 am

    Until the homeless problem is solved, “Underdeck” will continue to be stalled.
    Other countries have solved
    homelessness. I have read about their ability to the point where there is no homeless problem. There is no end to the available money spent to build military planes,tanks etc.
    The United States is not compassionate to its poorest citizens.The USA government,the States and the Cities and the Counties have the money to aleviate this problem. One of the excuses to not move forward with decent housing for thousands of citizens,
    is that the cost for builders is too high.