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Front Page » Real Estate » Sensory home sales shift to film, music, charisma

Sensory home sales shift to film, music, charisma

Written by on May 12, 2020
Sensory home sales shift to film, music, charisma

With real estate open houses and multiple in-person property showings out of the question, residential realtors and brokers are now relying on other sensory stimulants to impress clients and take them into a new journey of finding their next home. 

The inviting smells of freshly brewed coffee or heartwarming aromas of chocolate chip cookies baking in the kitchen oven are no longer the headliners alluring potential buyers onto the next chapter of becoming homeowners in Miami. Realtors are stepping up visuals with strategic home staging tactics, sounds of entertaining music, and just bringing their charisma and authentic selves into the mix.

At first terrified to get in front of the camera to talk and update her clients on listings, Vicki Restivo, a Berkshire Hathaway luxury home marketing specialist and realtor, said she is now uploading personal interactive walk-through videos with pleasant music in the background onto social media outlets, with hosting abilities soon becoming second nature for her.

“Before, we relied on scent-oriented and aesthetically pleasing smells, but now I’m staging homes myself with floral arrangements and candles achieving that specific type look you see on HGTV channel,” said Ms. Restivo, whose offices are in Pinecrest. “I think this new tool that we have with real live streaming gives a sense of how the house is going to really be like and we can talk clients through it, instead of people roaming on their own and at the same time, giving them freedom and space without hovering over them.”

One thing that realtors and brokers from One Premier International Realty are always doing is consulting with sellers to make sure properties are staged the right way to cater to buyers’ sense of taste with inviting décor that makes rooms spacious and enticing. 

“We make sure to add different elements of staging, so when we go in to show the home, everything looks like it came right out of a luxury real estate magazine,” said Ernie Emad, One Premier’s owner and broker. “The world is changing businesswise and we consistently need to find ways to be creative.”

During untraditional times, real estate specialists are finding uplifting unique ways to stay in touch with potential clients, said Kathrin Rein with Keller Williams Miami. With just a click, she said, many clients have realized that they can basically do anything from the comfort of their living room sofa.

“”People love to see someone authentic on open house videos, someone they like, trust and  someone that can help them,” she said. “No one wants those picture perfect videos because we all know this is not how the house looks like. People want someone real.”

One Response to Sensory home sales shift to film, music, charisma

  1. Vicki Restivo

    May 13, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    Very nice article, Abraham Galvan! How we market and sell real estate in the era of Covid 19, creating live-stream video open-houses, is giving buyers a new way to tour homes, and an exciting way to find their next one. I do think that these live-streaming tools will become more and more effective and popular in marketing and selling property. They have already proven to be effective … and we have literally just embarked on this new path. Thank you again for the article. I am honored to have been featured in it!