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Realtors becoming on-air experts

Written by on May 12, 2020
Realtors becoming on-air experts

Miami-Dade County residential realtors and specialists went straight to survival mode and adapted new ways to cater to their clients and showcase their listings during these uncertain times of the pandemic.

In-person home showing tours transitioned to livestream virtual tours, where realtors became on-air experts on feature commentary highlights and host several virtual livestream shows a day with thousands of viewers logging in from around the world attempting to get a glimpse of a lifestyle only South Florida can offer.

“Everyone is now using livestream to showcase a property. The video is capturing the best-selling points of the home as we explain its best features,” said Paulo Simonetti, a real estate specialist with One Premier International Realty. “This has really become the norm for us because, in a couple of months, we are not going to go back to how things were… We need to become tech savvy and think outside the box with more creative ways to sell homes with the use of social media.”

Recently, Mr. Simonetti said, he had to show a home through FaceTime for a buyer from Brazil. “He was very appreciative that I went throughout the house showing all of the nice features their new home will have. I did spend some time inside the custom-made closet explaining all of its new features, which was a major selling point for them,” he said about how he uses social media and technology, which has always been available, but now realtors are forced to use. 

Another way One Premier International realty is staying engaged with local businesses and the community is with podcasts aimed towards the business world, along with detailed insight of what the Coral Gables based real estate firm has to offer. 

“One podcast, which we have been doing for years, is about how for-sale owners can list their property and educate them on how to do it on their own. We just added the second podcast that is about the scope in Miami, which spotlights local small businesses and hidden treasures of Miami,” said Ernie Emad, One Premier International’s owner and broker. “We are just trying to get their names out there and give them some exposure.”

Residential realtors with Keller Williams Realty in Miami Beach took a more personal community-orientated path to keep their clients engage and connected. 

Kathrin Rein hosts virtual open house through Facebook Live to connect with her clients and potential buyers. “We had at some open houses 5,200 views, which would be impossible on a physical open house.”

“I just want to make sure we are being heard that we are open for business for all clients,” Ms. Rein said. Since the start of the pandemic, Ms. Rein said she has taught about 30 classes and spoken on several panels on how to use this innovative technology to bring people into homes virtually.

“Overall, this crisis has forced me to step up my game on videos and I feel it saves me a lot of time because I make sure people watch the videos prior to showings so the number of people that schedule  showings goes down, but the quality of buyers goes up.”

Taking a more direct approach, Compass Realty Director of Luxury Sales Seth Feuer said he mostly deals with seasonal clients who come down in search of better climate and escaping cold temperatures from northern states, like New York. 

“Normally during this time of year, it’s not that busy, but it all changed a little due to Covid-19. Some clients are riding it out here instead of being up north,” Mr. Feuer said. “I’m seeing more of them renting homes down here and a huge shift in how their future is going to look like, with more serious intentions of purchasing homes in Miami.”

Mr. Feuer said several clients want to upgrade from a condo to a home. “There isn’t really a formula at this point, everything changes from client to client,” he said.

With all the safety guidelines being followed, Mr. Feuer exclusively shows properties to definite buyers.

“This isn’t going to just go away next month; we are going to be stuck in this situation for some time and we need to adjust,” he said. “It’s a whole different way on how we are doing real estate.”