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Front Page » Top Stories » “Top Secret” electric car ad seeks county filming funds

“Top Secret” electric car ad seeks county filming funds

Written by on April 21, 2020
“Top Secret” electric car ad seeks county filming funds

The production company behind a TV ad for a “top-secret” electric car is seeking $50,000 through Miami-Dade’s Television, Film and Entertainment Production Incentives Program.

Ondamax Films, which has an office in Miami Beach, applied for funds to shoot the commercial, titled “Electric Car 02C,” in January. 

Director Jean-Baptiste LeFournier and producer Eric Mathis, CEO of Ondamax, began shooting in February, said Sandy Lighterman, county film office head. But Covid-19 closures stalled the grant. Monday, county lawmakers preliminarily OK’d funding.

“Productions have to apply before they start shooting,” she told Miami Today. “Receipts only count after that.”

Ms. Lighterman, who visited the set, said the car is likely foreign-built.

“It’s some type of prototype,” she said, adding that its name was kept “top-secret.”

Ondamax’s grant application says the commercial will air in “Europe, Asia and the United States.”

The production qualifies for the program, which the county launched in 2017 after legislators defunded state film grants in 2016.

Productions that spend more than $500,000 but less than $1 million here may receive $50,000 if they hire mostly local cast and crew – at least 20 total – who earn the county’s living wage of $13.61 an hour plus health benefits or $17.06 hourly without.

Companies must shoot at least 70% here, use at least 70% local vendors, depict Miami-Dade as “a sense of place” and, if the project has on-screen credits, include an identifier for the county.

Commissioners previously OK’d a $100,000 incentive for Ondamax to shoot “Snowbirds,” a feature film about a widow moving to Miami starring Susan Sarandon.

Ondamax never got the funds, Ms. Lighterman said, because financing fell through after production delays and the film wasn’t made.

One Response to “Top Secret” electric car ad seeks county filming funds

  1. Alfredo Lopez-Brignoni

    April 23, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    It is wrong to give scarce funds for the shooting of advertising spots. This is our PitBull legacy. The unknown company or entity that hired the local producers of the Electric Car O2C spot has to be a foreign client with an account that submits a budget to possibly a foreign advertising agency for this type of production.

    It appears that Ondamax is in a very comfortable relationship with the commissioners (thanks to “Snowbirds”) to the detriment of true Florida filmmakers. If the commissioners think that Snowbirds was a smashing success and can not see the distinction between creative work and advertising then there is no reason to have any hopes for independent film production in Florida.