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Front Page » Business & Finance » Omni mixed-use project to have 42 micro dwellings

Omni mixed-use project to have 42 micro dwellings

Written by on March 10, 2020
Omni mixed-use project to have 42 micro dwellings

A developer is planning a mixed-use residential project for the Omni neighborhood that would include more than 40 micro dwelling units.

Wynwood Haus LLC plans to build a 20-story building at 1765 N Miami Ave. with 224 residential units, 5,204 square feet of commercial-retail, a 540-square-foot office, and a parking pedestal with space for up to 222 vehicles.

Overall, the Wynwood Haus project’s floor lot ratio amounts to 272,996 square feet.

The project earned a supportive vote from the city’s Urban Development Review Board, which recommended approval with a couple of recommendations.

The owner-developer is represented by attorneys Carlos Lago and Iris Escarra.

In a letter to the city, Ms. Escarra said the property consists of a lot area of 29,998 square feet or 0.688-acre. The property is now vacant land.

The city’s Miami 21 zoning code allows smaller micro dwelling units by warrant in a project within a Transit Oriented Development area.

The property is located within the transit area created by the School Board Metromover Station.

Micro dwelling units are a minimum of 275 square feet and must be less than 400 square feet in area.

The developer proposes 42 micro units for Wynwood Haus, a portion of the overall offering of 224 residential units.

When the city commission adopted the micro units ordinance, it noted that the small dwelling units have stronger occupancy rates than typical apartments and that individuals are attracted to the micro units because of a desire to sacrifice space for lower per unit cost and proximity to transit, employment, and vibrant mixed-use neighborhoods.

Ms. Escarra wrote: “The Property is perfectly located in an area with mass transit options and is within the rapidly developing Omni mixed use neighborhood. As such, Micro Dwelling Units are appropriate at this location and should be encouraged, as the City shifts towards best practices regarding unit size, transit options, and parking reductions.”

She said the proposal is an urban core infill project fronting a highly traversed street, North Miami Avenue.

Wynwood Haus is proposed as an urban core mixed-use project providing a variety of uses, including ground floor retail, and a lined garage.

Onsite parking will be screened from view, while providing a level of parking appropriate for the tenant mix and the property’s transit-oriented designation, according to Ms. Escarra.

The owner-developer is requesting many waivers, including:

■To permit parking to encroach into the second layer, above the first story, along a primary frontage, with an art or glass treatment approved by the planning director.

■Up to a 30% reduction in required parking spaces, where the property is within a half-mile of a transit-oriented development.

■Up to a 10% reduction in the required drive aisle width from 23 feet to 22.

■Up to a 10% reduction in the required side setback above the eighth story.

■Up to a 10% reduction in the required secondary frontage setback above the 8th story.

■Up to a 10% increase in the maximum floorplate length above the eighth story, because of narrow property width.

■To permit parking to encroach into the second layer, above the first story, along the secondary frontage, with an art or glass treatment approved by the planning director.

■Up to a 10% increase in the maximum lot coverage. The project still provides in excess of the required open space; zoning requires a minimum of 10% open space and this project is designed with open space of 19.6%.

Mr. Lago told the board about the developer’s intent to bring major improvements to the Omni area with the Wynwood Haus project.

“We’ve seen revitalization of the Omni neighborhood, but it is still in need of a vast improvement,” he said.

Planned ground floor retail will help activate the pedestrian realm, where there is very little foot traffic today, Mr. Lago said.

The project will include work to widen the right-of-way and construct sidewalks where none exist.

The project is designed by Corwil Architects.

“I think you’ve done a good job in putting this together,” said board member Fidel Perez.

Board member Willy Bermello said, “I like what the architect has done … This is a great compliment to the area.”

He did suggest moving machinery and utilities into a more interior area away from the street.

Other board members suggested a bit more color to the façade to highlight the structure and lessen the dark look of the building.

“I commend you for a job well done,” said board member Ignacio Permuy.