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Front Page » Business & Finance » Zipcar ties in with Miami-Dade at five Metrorail stations

Zipcar ties in with Miami-Dade at five Metrorail stations

Written by on August 29, 2017
Zipcar ties in with Miami-Dade at five Metrorail stations

Miami-Dade last week launched a one-year car-sharing pilot program with Zipcar at five Metrorail stations. Two parking spots at Coconut Grove, Vizcaya, Earlington Heights, Hialeah and Palmetto Metrorail stations are reserved for Zipcar.

“Transit riders can leave their cars at home, ride our system, and if they need a car for anything in between, there will be Zipcars available to reserve,” said Mayor Carlos Giménez. “By adding Zipcars to our Metrorail stations, this option will help close that first and last mile gap.”

Metrorail riders can use any of the ten cars by adding Zipcar’s mobile app. The cars are available by the hour or day, with the cost of gas, maintenance, insurance, and 180 driving miles included. Once users download the Zipcar app, they can access more than 12,000 cars in the Zipcar fleet.

Zipcar offers three plans through its website: the occasional driving plan is pay as you go with no monthly commitment; the $7 monthly driving plan is pay by the hour or by the day; and the $50 monthly driving plan has seven hours of pre-paid driving discounted 10%.

The regular rate is $8.25 an hour or $67 per day, and new members have to pay a $25 non-refundable application fee. The most popular plan, the occasional driving plan, costs an additional $70 per year, based on Zipcar’s pricing guide.

With private transportation options taking off, the transportation department needs to rethink its approach, said Alice Bravo, director of transportation and public works.

“In order to keep up with these rapid changes, we need to establish partnerships with the private sector to offer new mobility options, such as car sharing,” Ms. Bravo said. “This is how we’ll shift from a private-car oriented county to a car-optional one.”

Zipcar advertises car sharing as an innovative method that reduces traffic volume, reduces CO2 emissions by decreasing the number of personal cars, and says it increases the use of public transportation.

“We’re big fans of public transit,” said Vilaire Lazard, Zipcar general manager. “The two services complement one another, offering members greater connectivity and the ability to live car-free or car-lite. We’re excited to team up with Miami-Dade County to explore neighborhoods and communities that are beyond the reach of Metrorail.”


One Response to Zipcar ties in with Miami-Dade at five Metrorail stations

  1. Roger G. Williams

    September 2, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    ZipCar is not well-suited for addressing “last-mile” challenges.

    We need people who actually use transit making transit decisions.

    I mean,really.