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Front Page » Filming in Miami » Filming in Miami: June 15, 2017

Filming in Miami: June 15, 2017

Written by on June 13, 2017

These film permits were issued last week by the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources’ Office of Film and Entertainment, (305) 375-3288; the Miami Mayor’s Office of Film, Arts & Entertainment, (305) 860-3823; and the Miami Beach Office of Arts, Culture and Entertainment-Film and Print Division, (305) 673-7070. 

Trivette Images. Arden. Put It Down PSA. Palmetto Bay Village Center.

Horizon Photo Promotions. Coral Gables. Tropical Chevrolet. Haulover Beach Park.

55 Productions. Pompton Plains. Owner/Director. Port of Miami.

Snow Companies. Williamsburg. Snow Companies. 140 Building-Metro Flagler Building.

NFGTV Inc. D/B/A Eastern. New York. Love & Hip Hop Season 1. Miami Beach citywide.

SMBBW Inc/Shed Media US Inc. Los Angeles. Baller Wives. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

N House Productions. Miami. Carters. Countywide.

N House Productions. Miami. Next Directory. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

First Option Productions Inc. Miami Beach. Bon Prix. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.