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Front Page » Top Stories » Free WiFi at Miami-Dade County facilities coming soon

Free WiFi at Miami-Dade County facilities coming soon

Written by on February 14, 2017
Free WiFi at Miami-Dade County facilities coming soon

Electronic Media Systems Inc. is soon to offer free WiFi at Miami-Dade County facilities, including Miami International Airport and PortMiami, for eight years and pay the county at least $500,000 or half of quarterly gross advertising revenue.
Under an agreement county commissioners approved last week, airport customers will be able to get free, uninterrupted 30-minute Wi-Fi for a 24-hour period. To get the free access, users will be directed to a promotional ad for up to one minute. After those 30 minutes, the user can sign out, sign back in and be directed again to an ad for one minute to get added free uninterrupted access for 30 minutes at the maximum connection speed of five megabytes per second.
For standard pay-for-use, customers can opt for one hour of uninterrupted service with no ads for $4.95. Multiple sessions will be available. The maximum connection speed will be eight megabytes a second.
A premium pay-for-use option, which is 24 hours of uninterrupted service without advertisements, will cost $7.95 for up to 20 megabytes per seconds. Subscription-based plans may also be offered at a price the Miami-Dade Aviation Department approves.
The operator will monitor the service, inform the department of inadequate capacity issues, and work with department staff to ensure appropriate bandwidth is allocated.
Electronic Media Systems (EMS), a subsidiary of Boingo Wireless Inc. located in Miami, has been in business 27 years. According to legislation, the company will hold two forums yearly for county staff to review the Wi-Fi system and services.
In addition, EMS will provide information to county staff on topics like the latest technical standards, industry trends, and public Wi-Fi offerings at other US airports.
EMS has performed satisfactorily on an existing five-year contract with the county, administration told commissioners.
EMS is working on an online database to supply reports with compliance breakdowns and resolutions to the Aviation Department, which is to work with the company to define the content and format for each report.
Moreover, the company is to provide Wi-Fi network engineering consulting services to the Aviation Department at no charge as needed for up to 20 hours monthly.