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Front Page » Profile » Lawrence Feldman: School board chairman wants businesses to chime in

Lawrence Feldman: School board chairman wants businesses to chime in

Written by on February 7, 2017
Lawrence Feldman: School board chairman wants businesses to chime in

For Larry Feldman, family is everything and his includes blood relatives, the people he works with and all the students in Miami-Dade. 

In fact, Dr. Feldman was once willing to give up his salary to remain one more year in the school where he served as principal so he could graduate with his kids. The superintendent at the time denied permission as his employee was supposed to retire, but Dr. Feldman kept on asking; he continued to make counter-offers. 

In time, people in the community heard about the on-going struggle and advised that Dr. Feldman run for a seat on the school board to achieve what seemed to them an appropriate and heart-felt request from an educator: to make a difference in students’ lives. It’s a long story, Dr. Feldman said recently, but he was elected to the school board and went back to his school in that capacity to join his kids in caps and gowns.

Today, he serves as chair and cherishes the opportunity to guide the school system forward. 

A product of the school system and an educator in it for 44 years, Dr. Feldman said Miami has changed. It’s now the hub of a community of the global world, he said, of people who are coming and going, of different cultures and strengths such as its diversity. Therefore, he says, education has to change.

With 34 cities in Miami-Dade County, the community has different kinds of needs from blue-collar jobs to the highest level of scientific work, Dr. Feldman said. Now, he said, education is a life business, the sustenance level of a community. It’s the economic engine if the school system does things correctly to where communities have sustainability because you keep building your own capacity of people. 

Miami Today reporter Susan Danseyar interviewed Dr. Feldman in his office inside the Miami-Dade County Public Schools administration building.

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