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Front Page » Neighborhoods » Rights-of-way along major highways become trash bins

Rights-of-way along major highways become trash bins

Written by on January 10, 2017
Rights-of-way along major highways become trash bins

The rights-of-way alongside major highways are in urgent need of attention, said members of the Miami-Dade’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

“I need help in keeping the Golden Glades area clean,” Jean Monestime, county commissioner and MPO chair, told Harold A. Desdunes, director of transportation development for the Florida Department of Transportation.

“My office has constantly been on phone with the department,” Mr. Monestime said during a December meeting of the MPO’s governing board. “Last month, they probably spent 48 hours on the phone to get some of these rights-of-way clean, because there were going to be some special visitors to District 2. We don’t have to have that in order to get the area clean.

“Your contractors have done a wonderful job. But for the last year, honestly – I know it’s been raining a lot – a better job can be done,” Mr. Monestime said.

“This is a high-traffic area, and an access point to Miami-Dade County for people who are traveling. We need to do a better job there; your office needs to help us out.”

Mr. Desdunes asked for a list of trouble spots and promised to investigate. “The entire Golden Glades area has been a dismal situation,” Mr. Monestime said. If a contractor is not doing its job, the state transportation department should terminate the agreement, he said.

Perhaps the portion of the transportation department’s budget that is allocated to maintenance should be scrutinized, said Dennis Moss, who is a county commissioner, MPO member and chair of its Transit Solutions Committee.

“We need to talk with FDOT, because we may need to go to our state legislators and say to them that we need to have a higher level of maintenance in our community,” he said. “Again, if we want to be a world-class city – and that’s what we’re embarking on here in Miami-Dade County – our front yard’s got to look good. We can build other stuff, but we’ve got to take care of the stuff we have.”

2 Responses to Rights-of-way along major highways become trash bins

  1. Peter Bromer

    January 12, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Why don’t you establish a citizens volunteer work force that would work every week end, alternate Saturdays and Sundays?

    • Pierre Crevaux

      January 25, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      The point is that the State has contractors to keep the state roads clean and these contractors aren’t doing their job. Establishing a volunteer workforce will just be giving a free pass to these companies that waste taxpayer funds.