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Front Page » Business & Finance » Miami-Dade wages trail the nation by 7%

Miami-Dade wages trail the nation by 7%

Written by on June 14, 2016
Miami-Dade wages trail the nation by 7%

Miami-Dade wages trail the nation by 7%, a US Bureau of Labor Statistics study revealed last week. Hourly wages here averaged $21.70 versus $23.23 nationally.

The 7% gap, however, masks wide variations among job categories. Miami-Dade wages in management and legal work, for example, were well above the US as a whole.

The study, covering May 2015, also showed broad disparities between the county and national patterns in worker distribution among occupational groups. Miami-Dade has far more managers, at 5% of the labor force, than the nation as a whole, where 3.6% work as managers.

Categories where Miami-Dade’s wage levels lag farthest behind start with production, where pay is 20% less than nationally, averaging $13.92 per hour versus $17.41. Construction pay averaging $19.06 per hour in the county is 17% below the $22.88 nationally. Farming pay in Miami-Dade is also 17% below average, at $10.48 per hour here versus $12.67 nationally.

Workers in building and grounds cleaning and maintenance and also those in computer and mathematical work lag on average 15% behind their counterparts nationally, the study found, while those in architecture and engineering were 13% behind the national level.

Regional Labor Commissioner Janet S. Rankin said that wages in the county were lower than their respective national averages in 10 of the 22 major occupational groups.

But some areas were higher here. Managers averaged $59.79 per hour, 8% higher than the national $55.30 average. In the legal field, the average was $51.17 per hour versus $49.74 nationally, a 3% difference.

Sales job in Miami-Dade were 13.7% of the total, far above the national average of 10.5% in sales. The 18.9% in office and administration jobs here were above 15.8% nationally.