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Front Page » Communities » Miami may spend $4.5 million to clean contaminated Douglas Park

Miami may spend $4.5 million to clean contaminated Douglas Park

Written by on April 26, 2016
Miami may spend $4.5 million to clean contaminated Douglas Park

Miami commissioners may spend $4.5 million to clean contaminated Douglas Park.

On today’s (4/28) agenda is a resolution to contract with Cherokee Enterprises Inc. for $4,484,185 for the environmental remediation. With a 10% contingency, the total nears $5 million.

The park has been closed nearly 2½ years as the city has wrestled with the best way to deal with contaminated soil discovered in 2013 and to get the county to sign off on a remediation plan.

Douglas, at 2755 SW 37th Ave., is one of the city’s largest parks. It was one of more than a half-dozen city parks found to have soil contaminated by solid waste and heavy metals.

At one time the city announced the park would reopen in November 2014. An earlier cost estimate was $3.3 million. But commissioners complained that county officials who weren’t satisfied by city plans to clean the site caused delays.

On Feb. 8 the city invited bids, and Cherokee’s was deemed the lowest responsible offer. Bid documents give the company nearly a year to do its work at the 10-acre park.

The work is specifically defined in an accompanying plan by SCS Engineers dated December 2015.

“In general, the Contractor shall implement procedures for selective removal and replacement of structures and other park features and foundations including demolition of the community center building, parking lot, baseball field, playground, outdoor gym,” reads the bid invitation.

“Excavation of shallow (generally less than 24 inches) potentially contaminated soil from specified areas of the park and relocating it onsite to a specified location where it shall be used to re-grade the area prior to adding a geosynthetic clay liner and clean fill cap,” it reads.

Excess excavated material must go to a Class I landfill.

2 Responses to Miami may spend $4.5 million to clean contaminated Douglas Park

  1. DC Copeland

    April 27, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    When it costs $4.5 million to decontaminate the top 2-feet of soil, unless you’re a kid digging a hole, who cares if the soil is contaminated? Put that money into mass transit. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can put up some signs (in our 3-official languages, of course) warning everybody that the soil is contaminated (no hole digging allowed!) and to enter at your own risk (with very fine print at the bottom explaining in three languages that the county cannot be held liable for future health issues– with a gentle reminder that this park– and others like it– affords citizens and tourists free transit). To encourage the skeptical to enter these kind of parks, put up some vending machines so people can buy gloves and paper dust masks.

  2. Kathy Suarez

    April 30, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Wow gloves masks don’t dig! SERIOUSLY!!! I have 2 kids 30 & 27 w seizures and I have had malignant brain cancer now living w seizures & medication for life as my kids are. I played in these parks as a child. As a mother I wonder did I make my children sick! Your comment is insensitive cruel along w ignorant. Guess you are not aware of the CANCER CLUSTERS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND IN PARTS OF COCONUT GROVE! Or that THE FIRE SCHOOL IS THE OLD SMOKEY SITE WHICH IS THE CULPRIT.
    It is about time this community gets their part back and clean healthy risk free of any environmental hazards.