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Front Page » Filming » Filmmakers told: Go Hispanic

Filmmakers told: Go Hispanic

Written by on June 2, 2015

If you want success in the film and entertainment world, go Hispanic, says Paul Brett, a principal of Prescience Media and executive producer of “The King’s Speech,” Chef” and other hit films.

Mr. Brett is a participant at this week’s Miami Media and Film Market conference sponsored by CAMACOL, the Latin chamber of commerce in Miami.

“I would love to do more Hispanic content,” said the London-based Mr. Brett, who was most recently involved in the production of “Wolf Hall,” a six-part series for the BBC inspired by Hillary Mantel’s novels about Thomas Cromwell, infamous advisor to Henry VIII. The series broke records, with 4.4 million viewers per episode.

“Chef,” he said, played very well to Hispanic audiences. It was filmed in Miami, New Orleans, and Venice Beach, CA.

“”It’s insane to me that it’s taking this long,” Mr. Brett said of mainstream media’s embrace of the Latin culture. “Univision finally picked it up, and Fox is late to the party. There is so much demand for programming.”

Miami, he said, is uniquely situated to take advantage of that demand. “You have a great location here at the gateway to the world. You have great scenery, so many resources.

“And,” he said, in a reference to the stalled Florida film incentive program, “I can’t begin to realize how Tallahassee doesn’t understand this.”