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Profile: Gregory Ferrero

Written by on October 29, 2014
Profile: Gregory Ferrero

Private wealth is easy to spot in South Florida and in particular Greater Miami, where cars, clothes and more signify flush bank accounts. After a certain threshold, private wealth needs to be managed in order to ensure a sustainable lifestyle for today and generations to come. At Goldman Sachs, where the average account is $40 million – the minimum is $10 million – private wealth management has long been part of the fabric of the company.

Since 1869, the firm has been managing wealth for families, and Goldman Sachs currently has two offices in Florida of the 13 in the US. Gregory Ferrero, head of Florida private wealth management, has been with Goldman Sachs since business school and has been in the Sunshine State seven years. 

Part of what has kept Mr. Ferrero with the firm is the company climate, where merit is rewarded and teamwork prevails. Today, Mr. Ferrero splits his time between working with clients and mentoring younger additions to the Goldman Sachs team. In coming years, as the Florida market continues to expand, the Goldman Sachs team is expected to uptick in parallel with that growth.

Miami Today Reporter Nina Lincoff interviewed Mr. Ferrero at the Miami Goldman Sachs offices.

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