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Front Page » FYI Miami » FYI Miami: July 31, 2014

FYI Miami: July 31, 2014

Written by on July 30, 2014

DOWNTOWN TAX RATE UNCHANGED: Miami commissioners have set the tax rate for the Downtown Development Authority at 0.4780 mill for the year beginning Oct. 1, 2014. It’s the same rate as today. The authority, an independent agency of the city, is funded by a special tax levy on properties in its boundaries. The city commission is authorized to levy an additional tax on all real and personal property in the district not to exceed one-half mill. The authority’s mission is to grow, strengthen and promote the economic health and vitality of Downtown Miami.

ELECTRIC UNDERGROUND: The Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department has been granted an easement of about a 12-foot-wide strip of City of Miami-owned property at Museum Park, 1095 Biscayne Blvd. City commissioners approved the easement, allowing the county to construct and operate underground and surface electric facilities. The easement allows access for future maintenance of the facilities. The document contains a reverter provision: if the easement is abandoned or discontinued, it will revert to the city.

DREDGING CONTINUES: The deep-water dredging of Government Cut to help PortMiami meet needs for growth of passenger and commercial shipping has continued since a storm damaged and knocked offline a dredging ship this month. The hydraulic cutterhead dredge Texas suffered electrical damage about two weeks ago during a storm and is expected to resume dredging in the coming week. The second dredging ship, the Clamshell dredge 55, has continued dredging throughout the repair process, a representative for the US Army Corps of Engineers said.

SLEEP LIGHT: Miami commissioners approved a $700,000 program to provide 100 mats for the homeless. In an agreement with Camillus House Inc., the program will provide up to 100 mats in the Camillus Pavilion for the nightly use of homeless individuals, along with other associated homeless services such as meals, showers, restrooms and clothing exchange for one year. Camillus House will receive $700,000 paid in 12 monthly installments. The city’s share is $260,000. The remaining $440,000 is from other governmental and private sources: $175,000 each from the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency and the Omni Redevelopment District Community Redevelopment Agency; $10,000 from the Downtown Development Authority; $10,000 from the Omni and Midtown Redevelopment District Community Redevelopment Agencies; and $70,000 from private sources.