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Front Page » FYI Miami » FYI Miami: July 10, 2014

FYI Miami: July 10, 2014

Written by on July 9, 2014

SUPER BONANZA: Now that Miami-Dade County has agreed to pay the Miami Dolphins for hosting Super Bowls and other high-profile sports events, a study is being sought to support the action. Under a request by Commissioner Dennis Moss that’s to go today (7/10) before the county’s Economic Development and Port Miami Committee, the mayor’s office would compile a report within 60 days showing how much television air time was devoted to Miami-Dade during the last Super Bowl here in 2010 and how much it would have cost the county to buy that air time at average television advertising rates. The total would include photos of the skyline, major attractions and local sights at going ad rates. The report is also to analyze the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey and find its total. The deal gives Dolphins owners up to $5 million a year for attracting events, including $4 million for a Super Bowl Game. The Dolphins in turn are to upgrade their own stadium.

BRING IN CHINA: Unthinkable in Miami-Dade a few years ago, county hall is about to be asked to help lure here a consulate for the People’s Republic of China. While this area is home to about 50 consulates, China’s consulate in Houston covers Miami. But a resolution by Commissioner Juan Zapata seeks the county Economic Development and Port Miami Committee’s blessings today (7/10) on a measure that would try to bring here the world’s largest exporter and importing nation. The resolution says “establishing a consulate general in Miami is in the best interest of Miami-Dade County as it will bring Chinese investments…, expand and promote China-US relationships and encourage greater tourism.” The resolution would ask Mayor Carlos Gimenez to develop a plan to bring the consulate here.

LIKE A HAWK: Miami commissioners intend to keep a close eye on work done on Watson Island by a developer who’s made big promises for the choice city-owned site. It took Flagstone Island Gardens LLC 13 years to begin construction after voters approved its mega resort and marina plan in 2001. Flagstone representatives have reported that marine mitigation began May 31, constituting the start of construction for the long-awaited project and meeting a June 2 deadline. Commencement of construction was confirmed June 12 by Deputy City Manager Alice Bravo. At the request of Commission Chair Wifredo “Willy” Gort, a Flagstone representative is to appear before the commission at 9:30 a.m. today (7/10) to make a presentation “regarding the construction schedule of the Island Gardens project.”