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Profile: Grace Carricarte


Written by on June 4, 2014

Profile: Grace Carricarte

How many of us look back on our middle school or high school years and cringe? That hair, those clothes or that one time… chances are, there are a few memories that most of us would like to forget. And some of those memories are dark, and some may be darker still. But the upside is that there is help for those dark thoughts, if you know where to look.

One third of the general population in any given year will experience a mental disorder, and unfortunately, because a lack of prevention, treatment, care or even a diagnosis, suicide could be a result. But children and adolescents have for the past 10 years had a resource in the Ganley Foundation.

Grace Carricarte, executive director of the foundation, spends her time in schools and at talks promoting suicide prevention education getting discussions started. 

By waking more people up to the prevalence of mental disorders and potential suicide risks, Ms. Carricarte hopes that if a child or teen is displaying signs, someone will be informed enough to step in and help. 

Over her past five years with the foundation, they’ve saved more than Ms. Carricarte can count.

Miami Today Reporter Nina Lincoff interviewed Ms. Carricate in Coral Gables. 


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