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Front Page » Government » County asks, is excellence passé

County asks, is excellence passé

Written by on November 27, 2013
County asks, is excellence passé

Miami-Dade County’s logo and its “Delivering Excellence Every Day” slogan might soon change.

Commissioner Juan Zapata suggested an upgrade – a move the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is willing to sponsor.

The current logo dates to April 2004. It replaced more than 55 logos from various county departments and now appears on stationery, construction signs for capital projects, business forms and vehicles, among other uses.

Sprucing it up would reflect the area’s “vibrant international community and the current times,” generate publicity in tourist sectors and come at little public cost, legislative documents suggest.

“The Board [of County Commissioners] believes that there are [advertising] firms, public and private institutions and other civic-minded individuals that will assist Miami-Dade County in designing a ‘refreshed’ logo at no cost to taxpayers,” the proposal states.

William Talbert, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, said the bureau’s ad agency could work on the project at no cost to the county.

“We are your partner if you want to do it,” he said during last week’s Economic Development & Port Miami Committee meeting. “We’re here to serve you. We work for you. If that’s the will of the commission, we will be able to provide that support.”

But some commissioners, including Barbara Jordan, want a cost analysis.

“You’re talking about letterheads; you’re talking about names on buses; you’re talking about a whole other cost factor that needs to be factored into whatever information that comes back,” she said.

And Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz was not convinced of the project’s necessity.

“Didn’t we go through a whole process of doing this not too long ago?” he asked, saying the county has already invested in creating a logo and tag line.

He asked committee members to advance the proposal to the next stage of the legislative process, but without a recommendation, so Mr. Zapata could have a chance to discuss it further.

“I’m personally good with our seal and what’s there now,” Mr. Diaz said. “It costs money to do it.”

7 Responses to County asks, is excellence passé

  1. DC Copeland

    November 28, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Perhaps they should send it to the same committee that thought a study should be done on whether or not a Cuban museum was a good idea on the water behind AAA. You know, instead of using common sense that it wasn’t a good idea and that it might divide the community even further. Still, if anything needs to be changed on the county’s logo, may I suggest they consider amending the slogan from “Delivering Excellence Every Day” to the more truthful and less funny “Striving to Delivering Excellence Some of the Time.” And, although it may sound funny now, I expect some day to read some county commissioner has the bright idea that the county slogan should be changed to Spanish on the grounds that’s the prevailing language of the county. By then, I also expect that motion won’t ever go to a committee since everyone at the dais is a proud Cuban and can’t imagine a better idea.

  2. JC Gomez

    November 30, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Perhaps what would serve the county resident tax payers better is a resurgence of a belief in the slogan. Perhaps leaders within the county might consider that they alone bear the responsibility to inspire excellence within its departments. I always believe that we are always in need do constant improvement, the slogan is great, we would all benefit from inspiring leadership that gets our county to meet that standard.

  3. Gerwyn Flax

    December 3, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    I agee with DC Copeland! What about an ordinance that mandates English as the predominant language in which all business is conducted, regardless of population makeup. After all, it is still the State Of Florida, in the United States of America. The slogan is fine, leave it to hell alone!

  4. JC Gomez

    December 4, 2013 at 10:30 am

    I am not sure how this became a discussion about language. We are talking about quality of service. I guess we are stuck on simpleton issues. I am personally the son of a parent that never learned English; however, she ensured that we were educated, hard working and proud. And in case you’re wondering to what level: I am a 15 year military officer (combat veteran) with a graduate level education, multiple property owner and proud tax payer in the county. I speak three languages which have all assisted me in making our country better.
    Although I was happy to comment on the need for strong leadership within our county, I am not certain how language or what country people originated from has anything to do with it. Let discuss the issues, not be blinded by simplicity.

  5. Gerwyn Flax

    December 4, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    In no way is language a simple issue and since I am just as, or more educated with two graduate degrees I assure you I am far removed from simpleton status. The fact that commissioners are willing to change the logo, leaves open the possibility of ethnic influence, and thus a relevant concern. This has occurred all over Miami Dade in previous so-called updates. Most recently the name change for the new Miami Arts Museum. By the way, since you’re so compelled to expouse your education, maybe you should teach that parent the English language, or is it the fact that they simply refuse to learn it and be assimilated into American society?

  6. JC Gomez

    December 4, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    It appears that you are the smarter one here; however, your tone suggests a lack of cultural awareness. And may I suggest running spell check on future postings, so that you don’t “expouse” any future lack of attention to detail on your behalf. Also, thank you for the recommendation of educating my mother; She’s only been paying taxes for 50 years, owns her own home, never took a government subsidy, educated all her children, and has four members of her family currently serving in the Armed Services, and retired without any debt. What am I going to teach her? Oh yeah that’s right, I can teach her how to “assimilate into American society”.
    All first generations go through a language barrier, perhaps even your ancestors went through it, unless you are Native American. The truth is that Miami is a living entry point as was New York so many years ago. We are living within the changes in real time. You are indeed correct about language not being simple; it’s the focus on language and ethnic influence that makes it simple. I also expect that you would infer information better, with your advanced education; I never stated that you have a simpleton status. That, my fellow citizen, was your interpretation of a very simple sentence. This has been fun. Good Day.

  7. Gerwyn Flax

    December 4, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    I might have neglected to use spell check, but I’m glad there’s a REAL SMART guy such as yourself to remind me of it. Maybe you might just want to review your initial post (just to check). This indeed has been fun, and you have a good day as well.