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Front Page » Filming in Miami » Filming in Miami: October 24, 2013

Filming in Miami: October 24, 2013

Written by on October 23, 2013

These film permits were issued last week by the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment, (305) 375-3288; the Miami Mayor’s Office of Film, Arts & Entertainment, (305) 860-3823; and the Miami Beach Office of Arts, Culture and Entertainment-Film and Print Division, (305) 673-7070. 

SOUTH BEACH TOW PRODUCTIONS INC. LA. South Beach Tow Season 3. Miami Beach citywide.

MAVERICK TELEVISION. London. Wright Off the Beaten Track. Unincorporated Miami-Dade County.

PYRAMID PRODUCTIONS I INC. Canada. Wild Obsession. Countywide.

NFGTV. NY. Chrissy & Mr. Jones 2. Countywide.

WORLD OF WONDER PRODUCTIONS. LA. Million Dollar Listing Miami. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

LEFT RIGHT INC. NY. Miami Monkey. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

NBC PEACOCK PRODUCTIONS. NY. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. City of North Miami Beach.

CARSON PRODUCTION. France. Unique au Monde. Miami Beach citywide, Palm & Hibiscus Islands, Star Island.


KOSMO MEDIA INC. Brooklyn. American Male. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide, unincorporated Miami-Dade County.

WILD PLANET PRODUCTIONS LTD. Canada. Biggest and Baddest. Countywide.

RICHTER PRODUCTIONS. Miami Beach. Stills for Volkswagen Miami. Palm & Hibiscus Islands.

N HOUSE PRODUCTIONS. Miami. Stills for La Redoute. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

GO SCOUT INC. Miami Beach. Stills for Roamans Catalog. Haulover Beach Park, Miami Beach citywide.

GO SCOUT INC. Miami Beach. Stills for Chasing Fireflies. Haulover Beach Park, Crandon Beach Park.

STILLMAX. Miami. Stills for fashion photo shoot. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

SELECT SERVICES INC. Miami. Stills for Manfred Keupen. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

DAVID SEGUI PRODUCTION SERVICES. Miami Beach. Stills for Next Directory. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

P. STUDIO PRODUCTIONS INC. Miami Beach. Stills for pstudio. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

THE PRODUCTION FACTORY LLC. Miami Beach. Stills for House of Fraser. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

SPIKE PRODUCTIONS CORP. Biscayne Park. Stills for Klingel, X prod. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

MARKUS MUELLER PRODUCTIONS. Miami Beach. Stills for Bon Prix. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide.

ARTHUR ELGORT LTD. NY. Stills for Marina Rinaldi. Crandon Park Beach.

THE PRODUCTION FACTORY LLC. Miami Beach. Stills for Wrap. Countywide, Miami Beach citywide, Haulover Beach Park.