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Front Page » 2012 (Page 2)

Miami International Targets Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is a nugget — and a county incentives target — that officials are trying to snare as a permanent fixture at Miami International Airport. …

Central Station A Year From Rollout

Miami Central Station, promising to bring transportation "connectivity" to Miami-Dade County, is on track to open in about a year.…

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Miami Car Truck Sales Climb 5

New car and truck sales in Miami rose nearly 5% in the last quarter, with luxury and near-luxury models leading the list of the city's most popular vehicles, new…

John Sumberg Manages Fastgrowing Firm Building Team To 130 Lawyers And Handling His Own Complex Realty Cases

It wasn’t a case of two ships passing in the night when John Sumberg met Brian Bilzin in Chicago in 1982. In fact, the two decided they wanted to work…

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Obamacare Could Cost Jackson Half Of Aid

Jackson Health System is bracing for the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care, estimating it will lose half or more of $300 million annual federal aid.…

Hardest Task In Convention Center Upgrade Sell It To Voters

The hardest part of any plan to improve the Miami Beach Convention Center to attain the quality we need to compete for meeting business won't be deciding what would…